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Directweb is a Melbourne Based SEO Company designed to have local customers and clients find your business. In todays market if you’re not found on the internet you might as well not exist, as traditional methods of finding your business such as Newspapers and Paper Directories are quickly being overlooked in favour of Google.

Our mission is to have your business show up on Google’s front page for your chosen terms so you can be found from any Computer, Laptop, Tablet and phone in the world, increasing sales and revenue.

Contact us Today to find out how we can help your business be found, and increase your profit!

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How does DirectWeb Work?

First we take a snapshot of your website for development, that is we make your SEO optimized page look and feel just like your own website, however we make improve it in 100s of ways to make it faster and more streamlined and work out SEO magic on the backend to ensure that those pages have the best chance of ranking well. Then we watch your pages carefully to ensure that they start ranking on Google. Although the entire process can take a few months, past experience shows taht it generally only takes a few weeks!

What if i don’t have a website?

DirectWeb can work with you to design a website for you to use on your own domain, and then make the SEO pages or if you have and don’t want a website, we can make the SEO pages from scratch, for brand recoginition though, we recommend having a websiteas well!

How much?

What is the cost of a campaign?

Each and every campaign we create at Direct Web is tailored to the customer and geared towards getting the most amount of terms possiable. As such our pricing structure is based on how many search terms you have, and the more you have the cheaper it is!

What is a Search Term?

A search term is a combination of a keyword and a suburb such as “Dishwasher repair Clayton”. We have found that the better the spread of terms and suburbs the more successful the campaign, that’s why we make it much cheaper than the competition to get as many terms as is relevant to your individual business!

To get a more accurate idea of what a campaign would cost, give us a call to discuss your needs on 0418 641 103.